15 November 2017 - 22 December 2017

“What we see in the sculptures of Safaa El Set, in her “Death dwells near Me” exhibition, are not skeletons of extinct animals; we see an unborn life, an abortive dream, and incomplete remains. These bones represent a collection of sculptures portraying unknown creatures, just like other species that we are familiar with, that we read about and have ever seen. However, the truth we are faced with is a witty mixture, through which Safaa Al-Set has thrived in her previous exhibitions, and through which she continually explores. The artist unambiguously reminds us that death dwells near, but that we should not pay too much attention to it. She echoes us through the remains that she so meticulously sculpted, so finely enough that when you see the works, you will inherently feel that those skeletons belong to you, that these bones you touch each day are yours, preserving closely to make sure they have not yet turned to ashes.” — Khaled Khalifah.

In collaboration with Art on 56th, Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture has the pleasure to invite you to the opening reception of Safaa Al-Set’s exhibition “Death dwells near Me” which will run from November 15 until December 22, 2017 (Monday to Saturday, from 11 AM until 7 PM).

About the Artist
Born in 1974, Safaa Al-Set studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University and graduated in 1997. She briefly experienced with multi-media graphic design, then decided to start her own artistic career, working with metal, using steel and copper as a means to create original art pieces, which stand out for their rough texture and design.


Art on 56th

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