2 October 2018, 6 PM - 7 PM

The documentary tells the story of Japanese photographer Ryuichi Hirokawa, born in 1943. During his youth, Hirokawa was inspired by Jewish philosopher Martin Buber to travel, to live and work in the kibbutzim which were established by European Jews in Palestine. The film sheds light on Hirokawa’s arrival to the Dalia kibbutz in the Galilee Heights and the outbreak of the 1967 War months after his arrival. The war raised many questions from Hirokawa, especially the scene of piled rocks and scattered cacti near the kibbutz. That moment was a turning point in his life, which he later dedicated to Palestine cause.

Directed by Ayed Nabaa and produced by Aljazeera Network

2016 | 52min

Language: Japanese and Arabic with Arabic Subtitles

Location: Auditorium, Second Floor

Free Entrance | Limited Seats

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