30 July 2019, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Welcome to Beirut
2005 | 45min
Language: Arabic and French with English subtitles

This film is about daily life: driving in the city, going to the hairdresser, discussions with the grocer, visiting a motor show, a wax museum, dining out. It is a driven promenade inside the city with a few open windows through which to peep in. More ironic than sarcastic, the film reveals the state of mind of a certain Lebanese society, a direct consequence of the Atlas syndrome: when one opens a European Atlas of the World, Lebanon is in the middle but also in the crack, central yet invisible.

Moving Out
2004 | 20min
Language: French with English subtitles

This film portrays the separation of a family. The mother and two children move out of a house while the father stays on, alone. The action takes place over two days, the time for the house to be emptied of its furniture. There is no reference to a happy past, the tension rises from the mere packing of the objects.

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