9 January 2020, 10:30 AM - 12 PM

The first Intifada, 1987: Palestinian leaders urge communities to develop alternatives to Israeli products. In response, a group of Palestinian activists starts a collective dairy farm with 18 head of cattle. Once their 'Intifada milk' gains popularity, the Israeli army orders the farm’s closure, declaring the cows a threat to national security. The activists persevere, hiding the cows in caves and continuing to produce Palestinian milk. This is the story of the most powerful army in the Middle East chasing 18 cows.

Amer Shomali is a Palestinian multidisciplinary artist, using painting, films, digital media, installations, and comics as tools to explore and interact with the sociopolitical scene in Palestine. Much of Shomali’s work examines the creation and the use of the Palestinian revolution’s iconography. Born in Kuwait in 1981, Shomali holds a BSc in Architecture from Birzeit University in Palestine, and a Master’s degree in Animation from Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom. He is currently based in Ramallah, Palestine.

2014 | 1h 15min
Arabic with English subtitles

Location: Social Support Society – Active Ageing House
Shatila camp, near Hariri Clinic
Telephone: 81060944

Free entrance

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