16 December 2021, 6 PM - 7:30 PM

Nadi Lekol Nas organises an encounter with director Hady Zaccak and the screening of his short films Lebanon through the cinema and The War Cinema in Lebanon.

Following the screening of the two films, a discussion between Zaccak and  Naja Al Ashkar, about the film archives in Lebanon, followed by the presentation and signing of Zaccak’s book of The Last Show.. Biography of Cilema Tripoli with a group of cinema books and Lebanese films.

Lebanon through Cinema | 2003 | 15 min

A short story about Lebanon and its cinema through 50 feature films from the 50’s till 2001.
This trip is constituted by the recurrent images of the films of Lebanon:
The airport, Beirut, the village, nightlife, war, emigration…Bon voyage!

Arabic and French with French and Arabic subtitles


Cinema of War in Lebanon | 2003 | 32 min
In 1975, the Lebanese war started. Maroun Baghdadi ended his first feature film “Beirut ya Beirut”.
Did the war give an identity to Lebanese cinema?
Production of documentaries, Action movies, Auteur films, coproductions, emigration…. Since 1975, the war remains a major subject for feature films shot in Lebanon.
This is the History and the stories of war and cinema.

Arabic with French subtitles

The Last Show.. Biography of Cilema Tripoli
Cinema was known among the Tripoli folk as Cilema and occupied an important place in the life of the city, extending from the thirties to the end of the twentieth century.

This book narrates the biography of the rise and prosperity of Cilema so that temples, rituals, stories, films and stars are formed, and cinema is intertwined with the life of an Arab city that has experienced all kinds of films in its life.

Cilema keeps pace with the contemporary history of Tripoli before it surrenders its soul, leaving a great legacy of images and sounds.


Nadi lekol Nas

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