5 April 2018, 7 PM - 8 PM

When did Fairouz begin her career, and what did she sing in her early days? Accounts on these beginnings remain uncertain and contradictory, and strangely enough, scientific research that tackles these beginnings is nowhere to be found.
The name of Fairouz appeared for the first time in the broadcast schedule of the Lebanese National Radio in the summer of 1950. Moreover, reviewing radio magazines allows us to track the first steps of her career in Beirut, and follow her activities that sprang between three radio stations: the Lebanese National Radio, the Near East Radio, and the Syrian National Radio. In these early times, Fairouz sang the works of a large number of composer before her name coupled with the Rahbani Brothers.
Many voices called on Fairouz to emerge on stage from the recording studio, but the young singer remained the 'New Planet of Arab radios', according to the press. She did not perform for a live audience except for a few shy appearances of which very little is known. This encounter is an invitation to discover the beginnings of Fairouz and listen to a selection of her rare songs, dating between the summer of 1950 and early 1952.
Developed and presented by Mahmoud Zibawi and organized by IRAB Association for Arabic Music

Location: Second Floor

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