30 October 2018, 6 PM - 7 PM

This documentary chronicles the daily life in the Palestinian village Nabi Saleh and its opposing Israeli settlement Halamish. Every Friday – for three years – the people from Nabi Saleh march through tear gas and rubber bullets towards the other side. The protests intensify, the tension rises week after week. During a demonstration on a Friday in December, Mustafa Tamimi, a young man from Nabi Saleh, gets shot to death. How do the people from Nabi Saleh and the Halamish settlement react? A year later, when the production was over, the filmmakers returned to organise a screening of the documentary in Nabi Saleh and the Halamish Settlement. The reactions from both sides were recorded and are included in the film.

The screening is followed by a Q&A with director Jan Beddegenoodts

Directed by Jan Beddegenoodts

2013 | 52min

Language: Arabic and English with English Subtitles

Location: Auditorium, Second Floor

Free Entrance | Limited Seats

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