11 September 2017, 6:30 PM - 8 PM

Known as the “Arab Joan Baez” for some, the “Tracy Chapman of Africa” for others, Souad Massi has long since surpassed labels and clichés. Aesthete, composed and cultivated, the former urban architect leans towards universality. Souad Massi will be returning on the stage of Music Hall this September to perform her “Best of”.

Join us for an informal conversation with Souad Massi at Dar El-Nimer, where Pierre Abi Saab will help us discover Souad’s musical journey, her relation to the Arabic language, which she’s been importing through her songs, as well as her status as an Arab woman and artist. We will also learn more about her future projects.

This encounter precedes her concert organized by LIBANJAZZ on Sept 12th at the Music Hall.

Location: Auditorium - 2nd Floor

Open to the Public - Places are Limited


Liban Jazz, Al-Akhbar

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