11 May 2017, 7 PM - 8:30 PM

In this encounter with director Monica Maurer, she will present her project "Shooting Revolution". A work-in-progress aiming at making a vast audio-visual testimony of the "Palestinian Revolution" of the 70's accessible to a new generation. Between 1977 and 1982 documentary filmmaker Monica Maurer made 6 films on the Palestinian diaspora in Lebanon- in cooperation with the Palestinian Cinema Institution - focusing on the social, medical, cultural and political infrastructure, as part of a collective effort to build the base of a future State in Palestine: democratic and secular, whilst aiming at social change and justice. Monica will present a 3 minutes’ trailer of her film-project "Shooting Revolution” - an account of these years of construction and hope - revisited by protagonists of the collective effort to build a better society for the future generations. She will also screen sequences (about 60 minutes of video) from her previous films, such as “the fifth war”, “Ashbal” and “Children of Palestine”. Monica Maurer is a German director who worked the PLO’s Palestine Film Unit in the 70’s. Currently, she is working in Rome on a monumental project to digitize that era’s Palestinian visual documents.

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