19 May 2022, 6 PM - 8 PM

Beirut is a city that has been under crushing reconstruction policies since the end of the civil war. The camera wanders, chronicling the reality of the city, its memory, the connotations of places, stories of corruption, neglect and mismanagement, and plans for a random and illegal reconstruction policy throughout the years.

Simon El Habre is a film director and editor of many award-winning films. He teaches Film Editing and Directing at Lebanese universities.
In 2008 he directed his first full-length documentary, ‘The One Man Village’, which was highly acclaimed by international festivals, press and audiences and received many awards, among them the Best International Feature award at HotDocs 2009. In 2011, he directed his second full-length documentary, ‘Gate #5’.
‘Re-Destruction’ is his latest documentary, released in autumn 2021.
Simon is also a member of the cultural association for the development of Arab cinema, Beirut DC.

2021, 42 minutes
Arabic with English subtitles


Jerusalem Arab Film Festival

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