14 June 2021, 8 PM

This month we celebrate filmmaker Georges Nasser’s life and legacy with the screening of Only One Man Wanted, a socio-political metaphor about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Moussa Bey (Hani Al-Roumani), a fraudulent landlord, intervenes between two families of farmers, causing a dispute over one tree situated at the demarcation line of their land. A bloody battle of vengeance begins between the peasants following a murder. One day, Fares (Ghassan Mattar) rises against Moussa Beys and fights back.

Georges Nasser (1927-2019) was born in Tripoli, Lebanon and moved to the US to study cinematography before returning to Beirut upon his graduation in 1954.  He directed his first film, Ila Ayn? in 1956, the first ever Lebanese film to be screened at the Cannes Film Festival. 

1973 | 1hr 55min

Arabic, no subtitles

Location: Roof terrace

Seating is limited

Disclaimer: Scenes of nudity and some explicit content.


Nadi lekol Nas

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