7 December 2016, 6 PM - 7:30 PM

As part of our series of musical encounters and in partnership with Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival 2016, we wish to invite you to Talking Music with Kamiliya Jubran. The conversation with the artist will be moderated by Khyam Allami.


Kamilya Jubran was born in Akka, Palestine. Elias Jubran, Kamilya's father, an authentic instrument maker and a music teacher; was her first source of classical Arabic musical education. In Jerusalem and for twenty years, Kamilya was Sabreen's lead song performer, and player of Oud, Qanoon, and other oriental instruments. (www.sabreen.org).


From 1982 to 2002, Kamilya along with Sabreen represented the voice of resistance; the struggle for freedom, and a deep and dynamic artistic-political process that created a new style of a modern Arabic song. Since 2002, Kamilya has toured with her first project Mahattaat, then Wameedd, as well as performing solos in several Arab and European cities. Kamilya creates and performs her own songs and music whilst roaming the in-between spaces of the world and non-commercial milieus with a number of European musicians.


Khyam Allami is a multi-instrumentalist, serial collaborator, musical explorer: Khyam Allami is primarily a musician and composer with a formidable – and continually growing – international reputation. A man of many talents, and one of the Arab world's most active musicians, Allami is known primarily as an Oud player, but this is only tapping the surface. The self-proclaimed “schizophrenic musician” is not only a performer and composer but also a record label manager, researcher, producer, recording and mixing engineer.


Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival

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