3 May 2018, 7 PM - 8 PM

The Rahbani Brothers began their career in the Lebanese National Radio in 1948, and the journey took a major shift when Fairouz joined them. This debut started modestly in the fall of 1950, and turned into a full partnership at the beginning of 1952, with Fairouz becoming the voice of the Rahbani Brothers ever since. The Egyptian Al-Ethnayn magazine talked about the ‘New Planet of Arab Radios’, saying that the national radio stations of Lebanon, Syria, as well as the Near East Radio, started broadcasting ‘at least three songs of Fairouz’ every day, and this number sometimes would reach ten upon requests from the audience.

The ‘New Planet of Arab Radios’ shone rapidly, and the 'shy singer' became a star. She continued performing short ballads, as well as folk songs. She also recorded a large number of poems and participated in many musical radio shows which were the foundation of what was later known as the Rahbani theatre, while having early appearances on stage away from her continuous work in radio.

From the rich and diverse productions of 1952, this session will showcase a selection of songs, some of which have never been available online.

Developed and presented by Mahmoud Zibawi and organized by IRAB Association for Arabic Music.

Location: Auditorium, Second Floor | Open to the Public

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