15 March 2018, 7 PM - 9 PM

Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture would like to invite you to Arab Voices: Stories of Palestine.

This project is part of a long-range, ever-widening initiative that is meant to build bridges between theatre artists and audiences in Arab countries and those in the worldwide Arab diaspora.  The first major Arab Voices event took place in November 2016, with Arab Voices: here/there/then/now at the NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center, in which works by Palestinian and Palestinian-American, Egyptian, Jordanian and Lebanese-American playwrights were presented and brought to life by actors and directors from the US and Lebanon.  The project began with research, collaboration, workshops, translation and the effort of many people who believe in the possibility of theatre as an agent of connection, understanding and hope.  It was initiated by Arab-American theatre artists, whose passion for illuminating the truth and humanity of their cultures of origin is at the heart of Arab Voices

This project is supported by NYU Abu Dhabi, The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC and Taawon.

Location: Second Floor | Open to the Public


The Hour of Feeling by Mona Mansour
Directed by Noelle Ghoussaini and Mona Mansour
Translation by Shadi Rohana
In Arabic and English (with surtitles from English to Arabic)
2 hours
It’s 1967, and the map of the Middle East is about to change drastically. Fueled by a love of English Romantic poetry, Adham journeys from Palestine to London with his new wife, Abir, to deliver a career-defining lecture. As the young couple’s marriage is tested, Adham struggles to reconcile his ambitions with the pull of family and home. But what if seizing the moment means letting go of everything he knows?

Playwright: Mona Mansour
Director: Noelle Ghoussaini and Mona Mansour
ADHAM: Elie Youssef
ABIR: Hiba Sleiman
BEDER: Aliya Khalidi
GEORGE: Bechara Atallah
THEO: Sany Baki
DIANA: Dima Matta
Stage Directions: Jana Hindi

Foot by Ismail Khalidi
Co-directed by Aliya Khalidi & Ismail Khalidi
Assistant Director: Mira Sidawi
Translation by Eyas Younis
In Arabic with English surtitles
35 min
 “On the day that you kill me
You’ll find in my pocket
Travel Tickets
To Peace…”

A glimpse into the life, the heart, soul and humour of slain Palestinian footballer Tareq Al-Quto.

Playwright and Co-Director: Ismail Khalidi
Co-Director: Aliya Khalidi
Assistant Director: Mira Sidawi
TAREK: Odai Qedese
Israeli Soldier: Omar Ahmad


Food and Fadwa by Lameece Issaq and Jacob Kader
Co-directed by Lameece Issaq and Noelle Ghousseini 
Translation by Eyas Younis
In English with Arabic surtitles 
2 hours

Meet Fadwa Faranesh, an unmarried, 30-something Palestinian woman living in Bethlehem in the politically volatile West Bank. Known for her delectable cooking and deep-seated sense of duty to her family and ageing father, our kitchen maven insists on continuing the preparations for the wedding of her younger sister, despite constraints of daily life under occupation. Politics blend with family tensions to create a sometimes humorous and sometimes heartbreaking meal. Food and Fadwa melds the fight a Palestinian family wages to hold onto its traditional culture with its need to celebrate love, joy and hope.

Playwrights: Lameece Issaq and Jacob Kader
Co-Director: Lameece Issaq
Co-Director: Noelle Ghoussaini
FADWA: Lameece Issaq
BABA: Marcel Abou Chakra
DALAL: Dima Matta
EMIR: Sany Abdul Baki
YOUSSIF: Elie Youssef
HAYAT: Ayşan Çelik
AUNT SAMIA: Aliya Khalidi
Stage Directions: Sara Pan Algarra


Production Team:
Curator and Co-Producer: Catherine Coray
Co-Producers: Aliya Khalidi and Dima Mikhayel Matta
Production Manager: Walid Saliba
Camps Tour Manager: Mira Sidawi
Light and Sound Operator for 'Foot': Omar Ahmad
Titling Operator: Mira Sidawi
Original Titling: Wafa al Fraheen
Poster Photography: Carolina Villar


The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC

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